Sweet Baby Cthulhu! I've Been Infected!

David | Oct 23, 2012 min read

The hip and talented writer Stephanie Wytovich tagged me in a game of author infection. The rules are simple. Search your work in progress for the first use of “look”. Copy and paste that paragraph and the ones immediately before and after into a blog post. Then, like all good chain letters, tag five other authors. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This is from the nearly finished first draft of my novel The Galvanized Man. What kind of novel, you ask? I once described it as squishing Lovecraft and J.J. Abrams into a dark post-apocalyptic cult fantasy. Yeah, I guess that works.

At least I wasn’t alone. I took Quin’s hand, something I’d not done since we were in our teens.

Quin glanced at me, raised a golden eyebrow. I could feel the tension in my face, and it must have shown, because no sooner had our eyes met than she leaned in. “Fucking worthless remnants. Part of me wishes the government would just round them up. Don’t you worry about him. Looks like he’s just had one too many.”

I squeezed Quin’s hand. “He’ll hear you. Let’s just get this over with, okay?”

There you have it. Although what you have doesn’t really tell you anything. Oh well, hope you enjoyed it anyhow.

Now I’m off to spread this disease to five other lucky writers, like the undulating tentacles of the god who dreams in his sunken city.

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