No More Sleepy Posts

David | Oct 11, 2012

Just a quick announcement I no longer plan to blog regularly about my polyphasic sleep. I have a few different reasons, but the biggest is that frankly I don’t think my personal experiment is all that interesting. I’m still interested, but I can’t get all that excited about it. My sleep data goes back to the middle of July, and what I noticed is that even when I sleep in, I usually only sleep about six hours. I didn’t need much sleep to begin with, so I don’t see how I can keep this interesting. My experiment will continue, and I may occasionally bring it up in posts, but there’s just not enough material to keep my own interest let alone someone else’s.

What will I write about? Well, I’m going to fall in step with other writers I know and write about my writing process, my challenges and experiences. Hopefully what I share can be of help to other writers out there.

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