Sleep Experiment: Week 6

David | Sep 18, 2012 min read

I’m a couple of days behind in putting this up, mainly because I was hoping to get some charts put together from my Zeo. The charts provided through its software are nice, but they’re not really showing what I want, so I have a little bit of work to do still.

Remember, I’m doing an Everyman sleep schedule, which involves a major sleep event at night and multiple naps during the day. So far, on any given day I’m down to a total of 5:30 hours of sleep. I’m doing this in part to make more time for writing, and so far the writing’s going well.

Anyhow, here’s my progress in terms of the goals from last week:

  • My average major sleep for last week was 4:30. I had a two mornings where I went back to sleep for about an hour, but on those days I skipped my three 20-minute naps. Still haven’t figured out why I went back to sleep. Both mornings I remember being awake and alert, but decided it was okay to stay in bed. I’ll worry about that later.

  • My mattress (sleep number) was at 100 all week. Not quite sleeping on the floor, but still very solid surface. No problems there.

  • I showered first thing on waking up but I still drank caffeine. I think this is more habit than necessity. I tried drinking water but it just doesn’t taste the same. Maybe I’ll try tea.

  • I have yet to actually fall asleep during naps. This may have something to do with me going back to sleep those two mornings.

That’s about all for now. I’m pretty happy with this so far, aside from going back to bed. I actually only intended to cut 20 minutes out of my major sleep, so 30 minutes is pretty good. I’ll try cut another 20 off this week.

One more thing. I’ve mentioned before I use a few things when I sleep. I have a Zeo to track my sleeping pattern (REM, Deep, Light, Awake), I wear SleepPhones so my alarm doesn’t wake up my wife, and I wear a sleep mask to help block out light. I think I can give up the sleep mask since napping has helped build my tolerance to sleeping in light environments. Anyhow, my wife thought it would be funny to snap a picture, so I thought I’d share it with you. She snapped this only minutes after I went to bed and I was already asleep.

And yes, the ATHF t-shirt is also standard sleep gear.

Cyborg Dave sleeping like a baby.

Sleeping Cyborg Dave

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