Charity Anthology Released

David | Aug 8, 2012 min read

Yesterday marked the release of Hazard Yet Forward, a charity anthology composed of stories by seventy-six writers connected to the Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction program. The anthology was compiled in support of Donna Munro, an 2004 graduate of the program. Find out more details at the HYF website, and check out the Amazon page. There was a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter (still going even this morning, I believe), and the anthology quickly rose among Amazon’s Hot New Releases to crest at #1 in Short Story Anthologies yesterday afternoon.

I haven’t seen too many blog posts yet from contributing writers, but I suggest taking a look at Bizarrowriter’s Blog. He has some very positive things to say about the Donna, the program, and the associated In Your Write Mind workshop.

For me, this is a tremendous display of community at work. With all the turmoil in the publishing industry and the subsequent in-fighting among writers, it’s refreshing to see a significant and diverse group of writers set all of that aside and band their voices together in aid.

This isn’t by any means the first or most successful anthology of its kind. I’ve bought several charity anthologies in the past. It is, however, the first opportunity I’ve had to observe the process behind putting such a beast together. It happened quickly, spearheaded by three hard-working and committed individuals. And the number and caliber of folks who contributed works to the anthology simply amazes me.

Every now and then we need to remind ourselves that it’s not all about sales or money or Twitter or Facebook or the next big thing in publishing. A significant part of life is about committing to what’s most important and banding together with like-minded people. Art reflects life, and writing is an art, so being a writer should including being supportive and generous.

Pick up a copy of the anthology. Have a look at what a solid community can do.

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