David | Jul 14, 2009 min read

This vignette by Matheson gives an interesting parallel between a horrible little Zuni fetish doll, and the power of a parent over their child. As a reader, I enjoyed the chase and suspense of the woman being hunted by this little hunter. It’s a cool little encounter.

What I found most valuable as a writer, though, is the phone conversation between mother and daughter, as well as their family dynamic. Mother is manipulative and demanding, and is preying on her daughter’s emotions. It felt a little bizarre at first, having Matheson take us from this emotionally charged interaction into this physically charged chase. But, I found myself hoping that this little chase would give Amelia the strength (change her character) to stand up to her mother and start taking control of her own life.

Not quite what happens, but the ending is still satisfying to me as a reader.

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