Chernobyl and Prypiat

David | Apr 5, 2007 min read

A great disaster. For a novel I started working on in October 2006, I started doing some research. There’s a portion of it that takes place in an old, abandoned city, one that had been left in destitution for centuries, so I was looking around for theories on what happens to a modern city when left to the forces of nature. To my shame, I had forgotten about the Chernobyl disaster. In my research, I rediscovered it.

There’s an excellent site - an adventurous woman takes a motorcycle tour of Chernobyl and surrounding areas, including Pripyat. See KIDDofSPEED. It is thought-provoking, saddening, and generally depressing. It provided the example for which I was looking.

After reading the site, I began to wonder if some of the pictures she had could be viewable on Google Maps. They were. Here are some interesting comparisons.

Also, you can go to wikimapia and search for Chernobyl or Pripyat. There, people have outlined places, and you can get a little more information.

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