David | Nov 1, 2006 min read

Today kicks off NaNoWriMo. I’ve completed most of my novel’s outline, and I cranked out over 1500 words in just a few hours. The outline thing seems to have gotten me off to a great start! My writing came easily, I didn’t have to debate plot lines, or wonder where the hell I’m going with it - all I had to do now was write the scenes I’ve already laid out.

The story is called “The Secret of Kingship”. I know NaNoWriMo is supposed to just be for fun, but I’m using it to see if I can more easily discipline myself to write when I already know what I’m writing. I do intend to publish the book, and assuming the outline really does help in the long run, I’ll make that the first step in my writing process. If I can’t get an agent or publisher, I’ll post the work here, and I will also look into print on demand for anyone who might be interested.

Well, I’m going back to writing now!

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