you sense my hesitation.

This is the color of DREAM

we are children, unseeing
     we open our eye
     unlocking the verse and meter
     of the universe.

This is the color of FORGET

it is here
     look closer.
     this is the color

This is the color of SAD

baby girl, club-footed
     opens her eyes.
     pressed between hot sun
     and rough mountain
     welcomed to the world
     by no one.

This is the color of GREED

whatever is written here
     it is not enough.

This is the color of LOVE

one plump drop
     sneaks from a fang.

This is the color of DREAMS

one by one
     we close our eyes
     no longer children.

I hum and beep at my master, but he does not listen. He pounds on my keys furiously, typing out insubstantial things, ebmeding himself in the abstract.

I creak and moan. I shout to him, “Go outside! Go play! It’s too nice to sit here all day!”

He doesn’t hear, just continues typing.

I shrug my shoulders.

I am Wednesday.

fresh smoke
     squirms through
     our sacred window,
     pierces yesterday’s angel

those words, salt
     your voice, awake
     my flesh, dried
     a raw monopoly of god

squirming through
     the marbled world

when you remember words
     remember the copper tang,
     the smoky perfume,
     the sad, warm woman

your work must be
     porcelain steel rythms


their wild steel universe
     surrounds him

broken through sex,
     velvet worry - once live -
     now devoured color

perhaps, sister, you listen -
     stiff lipped laugh, trembling

explore them, pick and haunt,
     time stream pooling

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